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About SmartClayBlock
SmartClayBlock is faster, easier and more durable than traditional clay. This surface cleaner system safety removes rail dust, tar, bugs and paint over spray from automotive paint and glass surfaces better than clay. A single block can clean a full size vehicle 6 to 10 times, making it quite possibly the most economical paint cleaner system available.

Smart Use

  • Wash vehicle first
  • Feel paint to find ares of contamination and roughness
  • Work on a small area – 2″ by 2″ at a time
  • Spray the rubber face of sponge and the area to be cleaned with SmartDetail quick detail spray and lubricant
  • Never use dry – proper lubrication is essential
  • Lightly rub the ClayBlock over area to be cleaned
  • Heavy rubbing and pressure is not required
  • When ClayBlock rubber surface is dirty, rinse clean with water
  • After several passes over the area, dry with a clean, soft microfiber towel
  • Inspect by feeling for remaining contamination
  • The surface should feel perfectly smooth
  • Repeat if necessary

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