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As a rule, always start by washing your vehicle from the top down. Get yourself a nice fire hose nozzle or pressure wash and remember to rinse often or start with our waterless wash & wax. Either way all of our carwash shampoos are formulated using the latest synthetic polymers and surfactant technology. SmartCarwash concentrate quickly loosens and emulsifies the toughest dirt and road grime while it’s lubricants which allow the soil to safely glide away in the rinse water. Once the wash is done, you can dry your auto with a nice SmartWax Microfiber towel, remember getting water out of tight areas is made easy with our speed dryers so be sure to check those out too. To maintain the beautiful shine use SmartDetail – a single spray wipes away fingerprints, water spots, dust and other harmful contaminants, leaving behind a rich, spectacular shine.
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A revolutionary advancement in professional car care, SmartWax provides an unparalleled difference you can truly see, a protective coat that lasts and a shine that will certainly make you smile. Manufactured in Southern California, SmartWax is formulated from the highest raw ingredients to deliver premium results at an affordable price. SmartWax is a 100% pure carnauba-based wax and polish formulated to clean shine, restore and protect your paint in one easy step.