Paint Restore

SmartPolish can be used by hand as a paintwork cleanser and polish and to permanently remove or repair swirls, scratches, and other defects in paint use it with the machine. SmartWaxpolishes remove scratches and defects to restore gloss, luster, and shine to any painted finish. Specialty nano-abrasive technology cuts away oxidation, faded paint, and defects like heavy water spots and chemical etching to make paint shine like new. Whether a vehicle requires heavy abrasive compound, light finishing polish, or a one-step swirl remover, Pair up the right polish with the TORQ polisher and the best polishing pad to get the best results on any job. For more information about polishing and paint correction, visit the SmartWaxYouTube Channel!
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A revolutionary advancement in professional car care, SmartWax provides an unparalleled difference you can truly see, a protective coat that lasts and a shine that will certainly make you smile. Manufactured in Southern California, SmartWax is formulated from the highest raw ingredients to deliver premium results at an affordable price. SmartWax is a 100% pure carnauba-based wax and polish formulated to clean shine, restore and protect your paint in one easy step.