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Make-Em say WOW!!!. You have passion, you love your car: flaunt the lifestyle and wear your true colors across your chest with the SmartWax T-shirt! This super comfortable and super slick looking shirt is the coolest detailing T-shirt you’ll ever wear! This ring-spun cotton shirt is 30% lighter, twice as soft, twice as durable, and twice as breathable as standard T-shirts. The snug-fitted cut is tailored for the most flattering look on any physique, and the extra-long trunk covers any buckles or buttons for scratch-free detailing should you lean over your car. Accept no cheap imitations—SmartWaxT-shirts are the only ones that belong on your back as you clean, protect, and drive your car! With the original SmartWaxLogo, you showed the world that you love your car.
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A revolutionary advancement in professional car care, SmartWax provides an unparalleled difference you can truly see, a protective coat that lasts and a shine that will certainly make you smile. Manufactured in Southern California, SmartWax is formulated from the highest raw ingredients to deliver premium results at an affordable price. SmartWax is a 100% pure carnauba-based wax and polish formulated to clean shine, restore and protect your paint in one easy step.